The tragedy you won't want to look away from.

Camron had everything...and then he had nothing. By our Western standards we'd say less than nothing. Nothing would have been better, because Camron had something...something no one would ever want. Trauma. On Father's Day, 2008, Cameron jumped in his pickup to go to church. He was young, just 18 years old, and was driving a little too fast for the gravel backroads he was driving on. Somehow, the back tire fell off the axle and as the truck slid and tires dropped off the side of the road, the truck flipped four times catapulting Camron out. When they found him he was 40 feet from his vehicle. Before. Camron grew up in a Christian home, went to church often, and had a good foundation. He surrendered to Christ at 12 years old and was so onfire for the Lord he couldn't hold it in. He told everyone at school that the love of God would save them from hell. They all laughed and made fun of him. Called him a bible thumper. He wanted to fit in, so he went with the world. As a teen he partied and used women. He was fitting in well. He excelled in school and worked hard. He played football and was looking forward to playing college ball. He especially liked speech and qualified for the state speech finals three times and holds records for his accomplishments. And now he was being life-flighted to the hospital. Prognosis. The good news was there were no broken bones. The bad news was very bad. A puntured lung from a dislocated rib and a punctured spleen. And traumatic brain injury. The doctors said he wouldn't be able to walk, talk, or function properly. They estimated a mental capacity not beyond a 2nd grader. But God. They sent Cam to a special hospital that deals with brain injuries. Their prognosis was the same but treatment began. Cam was determined. Three months later he was talking (although it was hard for people to understand him) and he could walk without any assistance. He graduated to a specialized physical therapy center for the next several months. What you don't know. Shortly before the accident, Cam had regained his fire for Christ. He and his friends began sharing the gospel with other friends. They seemed unstoppable. Why. As Cam progressed, the next step was college. If you saw Camron, you'd see this good-looking 20-something. His right arm doesn't work too well yet, but for the most part he looks "normal." If you talk to Camron, you understand something is wrong. His speech is a struggle. Ironically, the thing that had served to set him apart as special in the world is now the thing that repels it. Every word is a battle and a conversation can be exhausting. It's a battle to get his mind to enable it and his throat feels like it's being constricted. The college kids ridiculed him. It was just like grade school again. With tears, Cam asked God why. The vision. God answered Cam in a vivid dream. He saw the devil who wanted to stop him, and felt the warmth of a hand holding him up. Jesus telling him, "Don't be afraid." The devil doing his best so Cam would give up stop sharing the gospel. Jesus reminded him that he would never leave him or forsake him. Rejuvenated. Cam realized that God had sent him to college to be a witness. No matter how much they mocked him, Cam loved on them. He showed them love and grace. Still on fire. Cam graduated this past year with a degree in exercise science. He continues to share Jesus, which he says comes naturally to him, "because Jesus has done something so amazing. I want to encourage people to get up. The kicker is [asking yourself] are you going to stay down and let the devil win...or listen to God that we are more than conquerors!" (Romans 8:37) The amazing thing about Camron, is that he doesn't look at what happened as a negative. He is the most positive, happy person you could ever meet. His journey has allowed him to see the power of God in huge ways. By losing so much he has gained more insight on what really matters and what joy there is in who we are in Christ. Our turn. Of course no one prays for bad things to happen to them, but the message is clear: Good or bad, our circumstances can be used to point others to God. Let your life be one that people can't look away from. Camron Brummond is looking forward to getting into the physical therapy field. He wants to help others recuperating from injuries and trauma and to share what Jesus gave him.

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