Dope sick, homeless, and then... [oh, it's a good "and then"]

I recently received a copy of a letter that was written by a drug addict. A 32-year-old, homeless, 10-year drug addict who was facing felony charges...and then... God showed up. He gathered several of his children and they each shared in a story that is still unfolding. A story that I got to take part in and one you can participate in as well. As you read Marc's story, let's count the number of people God has used...and the number of states he found them in. "My name is Marc. I am currently in [jail] in [city], Nebraska. The past year and a half I have been on the streets homeless in Sioux Falls, New York, Omaha and within the past couple of months Oklahoma. My drug use has been so out of control the past 10 years it has left me alone, no friends, permanent scars on my arm from shooting up, and literally almost dead multiple times. I have been on the run with warrants in multiple states until now. On the night of Feb [date], 2016, in [city], Oklahoma, I shot up my last bit of dope, roaming the streets with nowhere to go, no money, no coat. I managed to make it to a 24 hour McDonalds to keep warm until the sun came up.Dope sick, tired and alone in McDonalds I heard my name called, and It said, "Oh Marc." I looked up and thought they were going to kick me out for loitering, but nobody was there. When the sun came up I walked over to a church across the street. I was barely alive, and sick I stumbled in and met a pastor. He gave me food, we prayed together, and helped me get a bus ticket to the [Christian crisis homeless shelter] in Colorado. My father lives [in Colorado]. He came to get me, and drove to turn myself in for my warrants in [city], NE. The inside of these walls are rough, but another inmate told me of a block called the "God Mod."When I walked in the mod everyone was singing songs to the Lord they even greeted me with a warm welcome. This apparently is the only mod like this in the country. What are the odds of that? I found a magazine under my bunk called Being Better magazine. I opened it, and to my surprise there was an [article about] Teen Challenge [and your Teen Challenge center's information was on the back]. After I get sentenced here soon I will get expedited to South Dakota in [city] and am facing more charges. I guess this letter I am sending is my cry for help, and to hopefully get an application for your treatment program. The chaplains here said the program has a great success rate. If it's not too much trouble [could you] send information about Teen Challenge. I am willing to do whatever it takes to free me of this addiction that I have struggled with for so long. Thank you very much, Marc I received that later a few months ago and last week I was told that Marc started the Teen Challenge program. God used many people, over many months across many states to lead and minister to Marc and to get him to where he needed to be. Realize that all the little stuff matters. A ride, a phone call, a bus ticket, offering a place to keep warm, leaving a magazine with a message of hope behind for the next person, or encouraging someone to attend something positive may seem like small things but they may be a part of a glorious story that is unfolding. Now, it's your turn to take part in this story. Marc has a hard road ahead. Making it through the Teen Challenge program isn't a walk in the park. Please take a moment and pray for him, and for all the other students that need to let go of the things in their lives that control them. Pray that they would allow God alone to be in control of their lives. God wants you to be part of Marc's story. How many other stories will you be part of? When we all live using the unique gifts we have, with the resources we have, in the circumstances we find ourselves in, God will show up. Be part of God's story.

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