What Are You Here For? 5 Questions To Find Out.

Do you know why people do drugs, drink too much, do bad things? A couple of leaders of a Christ-centered rehab program know that one huge reason is that people don't know their purpose. They don't know why they're here? They don't know that God has something special for them. I have heard so many people who are struggling to find their purpose. It took me years to figure out mine. And, while I am going to give you some insight to get you pointed in the right direction, understand that you won't truly know the details and the working out of it, until you sit with God. He alone will reveal the specifics...and that may take some time...and then the rest of your life. I recently heard this formula second hand so I can't tell you who came up with it, but from my experience it is accurate: What you are good at + helping others = your purpose. While that sounds like it should be easy, understanding what you are good at may have many intricacies. For example, if someone asks you what you are good at you may list things like using Excel, fixing cars, making cupcakes, managing multiple projects simultaneously, or teaching dogs to surf (yes, it's a real job). You may not think about the things that don't get you a paycheck like being a good listener, a joyful giver, or someone who enjoys hanging out with kids. Want to get a deeper sense of what your purpose might look like? Answer these 5 questions 1. What am I good at?

List your strengths

2. What do I do easily that other people think is hard?

After you answer this question ask those who know you well to share 3 strengths they see in you.

3. What frustrates me?

Who else would have similar frustrations? - This may be who you could serve.

4. What are my core values/principles?

List your top 5

5. What are my spiritual gifts?

There are several online tests to uncover yours - do a couple to get a better perspective.

Now what? Look at all of that information, sit with God, and talk with him about it. Your purpose is in there somewhere and once you start living out that purpose (with God) your life will change. Why does this all matter? We are here for a reason. If we weren't we would have been whisked away to heaven by now. God gave each of us (who are in Christ) special gifts. He gives them so that we can serve others as Christ served the world. When we live out our purpose, our lives are fulfilled. That will be your happy out what God planned for you. “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” Exodus 9:16 The main reason we need to find our purpose - and to live that out - is to glorify God. Living out our purpose gets us operating in a natural way to us which will allow us to authentically share Christ with others. Don't miss what you're here for.

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